We offer generic replacement parts for the Arrestall ® Models AR and AV and the Dust Arrester ®.

Models - Generic Parts List

Arrestall ® Model AR Arrestall ® Model AV
* Universal Air Products is not an authorized dealer for American Air Filter Company Inc., d/b/a AAF International. All replacement parts for American Air Filter ® / AAF ® products that Universal Air Products sells are generic replacements for AAF ® OEM parts.

We also offer generic replacement parts for the Cycoil ®, Fabripulse ®, Optiflo ®, D RotoClone ®, N RotoClone ®, K Exhauster, W RotoClone ®, etc.

We also handle many other products which includes bags, cartridges, valves and repair kits, etc. which you may have a requirement.