M Fabripulse ®  Generic Cartridges

M Fabripulse Cartridge Top View

Universal Air Products offers generic replacement cartridges for the AAF ® Design M Fabripulse ®.

  • We offer cartridge lengths of 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 feet.
  • We offer a variety of bag materials to include polyester, Nomex ®, Ryton ®, Teflon ®, polypropylene and many more.
  • We can provide you with either standard or high temperature gaskets.
  • We can provide you with either grounded or non-grounded cartridges.
* Universal Air Products is not an authorized dealer for American Air Filter Company Inc., d/b/a AAF International. All replacement parts for American Air Filter ® / AAF ® products that Universal Air Products sells are generic replacements for AAF ® OEM parts.

M Fabripulse Cartridge Side View

Are you getting ready to change out your cartridges? We can ship to you today or in less than 1 week the cartridges you need. This is possible because we keep cartridges with polyester bags of all lengths, grounded or non-grounded, with standard or high temp gaskets in stock. Large quantities of 16 or more or cartridges with a different bag material can ship in 1 to 4 weeks.

We can also offer you replacement valves or repair kits for your Goyen ® valves and controls and Dwyer ® gages and controls on your Design M Fabripulse ®.