Turbo Valves, Repair Kits and Controls

Universal Air Products carries the complete line of Turbo “right angle”, “straight through” and “immersion” Pulse Valves, Pilot Valves, Pilot Valve Boxes, Repair Kits, Bulkhead Connectors, Matrix Wiring System, Controls and all other products.

We can ship next day air from stock most Turbo valves, repair kits, coils and enclosures used in your dust collection applications.

Pulse Valves & Repair Kits

Pulse Valves & Repair Kits
Valve Series Valve Model Pipe Size Repair Kit
D, F *M20
3/4" M25
D, F *MV20
3/4" MV25
D, F, FD, SQ *M25
1" M25
D, F, FD, SQ *MV25
1" MV25
E *M25
1" M25-EM/EP
E *MV25
1" MV25-EM/EP
FD *M35
1 1/2" M35
FD *MV35
1 1/2" MV35
SQ *M35
1 1/2" M35
SQ *MV35
1 1/2" MV35
D, E, F *M40
1 1/2" M40
D, E, F *MV40
1 1/2" MV40
SQ *M50
2" M50
SQ *MV50
2" MV50
F *M55
2" M55
F *MV55
2" MV55
SQ *M65
2 1/2" M50
SQ *MV65
2 1/2" MV50
F *M65
2 1/2" M75
F *MV65
2 1/2" MV75
3" M75
SQ *M100IN
4" M75
3" MV75
4" MV75
F - Threaded
D - Compression Fitting
E - Flanged
FD - Straight Through
SQ - Square Tank
* - Series
M - Remote Pilot
P - Integral Pilot
V - High Temperature
? - Voltages
02450 = 24V 50-60Hz
11050 = 110V 50-60Hz
22050 = 220V 50-60Hz
024DC = 24VDC
  M - Standard Temperature
MV - High Temperature

Pilot Valves & Repair Kits

Pilot Valves and Repair Kits
Pilot Valve Model Pilot Operator
or Coil
GPC10 Pole Assy
BH10? Coil
? - Voltage
02450 = 24V 50-60Hz
11050 = 110V 50-60Hz
22050 = 220V 50-60Hz
024DC = 24VDC

Compression Seals

Compression  Seals
Valve or Bulkhead
Pipe Size Seal & Retainer
D, PD, PS 3/4" GCON20 Seal
OG20 Retainer
D, FD, PD, PS 1" GCON25 Seal
OG25 Retainer
D, PD, PS 1 1/2" GCON40 Seal
OG40 Retainer
PD 2" GCON50 Seal
OG50 Retainer
D - Compression Fitting Valves
FD - Straight Through Valves
PD, PS - Bulkhead Connectors